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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Issue #19 of the Bio Market Insights Quarterly

Our blue bioeconomy special profiles companies around the world that are re-defining our relationship to aquatic resources. The innovations we cover are diverse: microalgae nanotechnology, precision aquaculture, ocean biomimetics, and new techniques in seaweed biorefinery. Through them, we showcase how sustainability and profit can merge at the blue frontier.

  • Why diatom nanotechnology is a blue bieoconomy sector to watch
  • The companies driving precision aquaculture
  • How biomimetic companies using ocean inspiration to drive circular tech solutions,
  • C-Combinator’s Jorge Vega Matos talks new techniques in seaweed biorefinery.
  • The latest blue bioeconomy news and regulation
  • A rundown on Tunisia’s sustainable aquaculture transition
  • An accelerator’s perspective on key blue economy growth areas