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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Issue #17 of the Bio Market Insights Quarterly

  • Full steam ahead for Japan with biomass to energy with Siemens
  • Call for US to Invest in Skills to Retain ‘Bioeconomy Leader’.
  • How Finnish bioeconomy pioneers the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) are unlocking the “treasure chest” found in the forests and beyond
  • Watch: How the Baltic Sea’s pollutants could instead be turned into valuable resources.
  • Finding sustainable solutions for sportswear.
  • A natural kind of blue collaboration.
  • Toy giant Mattel aims to construct a more sustainable future with new bio-based building sets.
  • How a unique approach from Fluid Quip Technologies is providing vital building blocks for the bioeconomy.
  • BOTTLE: Bio-Optimized Technologies to keep Thermoplastics out of Landfills and the Environment.
  • Inside the VALUEMAG project a revolutionary, innovative, and eco-friendly solution to significantly reduce algae harvesting costs.
  • Axens White Paper: Solutions for More Sustainable Transportation Fuels and Chemicals.
  • News in brief, editor’s welcome and more.
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