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Monday, May 27, 2024

World Bio Market Meetup 2021 – Review

Meetup Highlights

  • 402 Users from 93 countries from brands, investors, producers and suppliers
  • 3,263 pre-filtered Matches made
  • 475 Meetings made
  • 1682 views of our leader interview series on BMI TV

Top Trending Interests

  • Biomaterials, chemicals, ingredients
  • Biomass Feedstocks and Agriculture
  • Bioplastics and packaging
  • Biofuel and Bioenergy
  • Investors & financiers

Feedbacks from our 2021 participants

“The level of participation was excellent and I had the chance to connect with numerous people across markets for both insightful and commercially relevant discussions. I really enjoyed the two days of the Meetup and the professionalism of the team and the results we achieved means we will definitely be returning”.

Karl Johan Tärbe, Business Development Director, EnginZyme

“The Meetup was well organized and finally provided ‘an easy-to-work-with’ scheduling and meeting tool. It was great to meet with existing clients but even better to make new connections and build relationships with potential new partners. We are looking forward to attending future Meetups”.

Rob van der Meij, Partner, Capricorn Venture Partners

“The Meetup helped us to generate many highly valuable industry contacts and was a very positive experience. The platform is well designed and makes the planning of meetings with interesting people very easy”.

Pierre Basuyaux, Sales Manager, Europe & Asia, Leaf by Lesaffre

“A really well organized digital meeting service that helped refresh old contacts and find new ones!”

Martina Mcknight, Director, Corbion

“World Bio Market Meetup pleasantly surpassed my expectations. The team did an excellent job of matching and connecting me with potential partners and the customer care I received from the team made me feel like I was their only client”.

George O’Malley, CEO, BioRefinery Ireland

What is it?

World Bio Market Meetup is the meeting service for the entire bioeconomy. We connect the international bio-based value chain, enabling bio-based businesses, buyers and investors to meet each other and do business.

  • Schedule two free meetings with your target audience anywhere in the world.
  • Purchase Premium Access for up to 20 pre-scheduled meetings.
  • Meet only who you want to: stay in control with simple-to-use tools, AI matchmaking and human relationship managers.
  • Market Meetup’s provide an environmentally friendly and highly efficient platform to do months of business, without the travel, over just two days.

Who is it for?

This is the first time that World Bio Markets and Bio Market Insights’ full community of readers, speakers, contributors, and customers are invited to come together to collaborate, reacquaint and have real conversations, wherever they are in the world.

What to expect?

Curated meeting schedules, targeted recommendations, personal introductions

  • Curated Meeting Schedule: your own pre-arranged meeting schedule, targeted lead-generation, personal introductions, and international deal-making 
  • Networking and knowledge sharing: Pre-register for one of the Expert Tables, interactive peer-to-peer 45-minute roundtables that enable confidential deep-dive discussions and collaborative networking
  • Learn, watch and read on-demand: Access a program of exclusive on-demand content by streaming video interviews with industry leaders, browsing the latest innovations and company information, and downloading research & breakthroughs that are of interest to you. 

How it works